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REX Brain

Business Support in Japan

Some overseas video game companies enter the Japanese market when expanding their businesses.
We, REX Brain, provide support to those companies.
Our service includes introducing Japanese clients and assisting negotiations when deciding contracts and cost.

AXIA VISION is a graphic imaging project in NEXTARK group. Their main task is to develop the Japanese market with overseas graphic production companies.
REX Brain pursues new market development in a wide range of industries including programing, localization and culturization.

For software developing companies
REX Brain is looking for business partner companies which can develop video games using Unity and Unreal Engine.
Also, we’re hoping to find companies which have game engines with the above mentioned tools installed or companies which can provide partial assist in developing video games for us.

For graphic production companies
At the moment, our graphic production business is based in Asia. We’re now looking for companies which can create illustration, 3D graphics, Spain content, Live2D content and 2D animations.

For those companies who are considering establishing a sales base in Japan
If you want to establish a sales base in Japan, but don’t know the Japanese laws and tax system, REX Brain can take over the task on behalf of you.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions regarding setting up a sales base in Japan.

All of our service is provided in Japanese, English or Chinese (Traditional/ Simplified Chinese).
Look forward to hearing from you.